Nootropics 101


Any substance to be called a nootropic, it must:

  1. Enhance memory and learning ability

  2. Help the brain function under disruptive conditions

  3. Protect the brain from harmful chemical damage

  4. Improve neuronal firing mechanisms

  5. Lack any sedative, stimulant or toxic effects

Nootropics are both natural and synthetic compounds that improve the cognitive abilities of healthy individuals.  

Given the unique effect profile of each nootropic compound, and given the variation in people’s brain chemistry, individuals can use different nootropics for different purposes and outcomes. The most commonly sought-after effects are enhanced cognition, motivation and concentration.

This group is the most common and tends to be the most popular. All of the drugs within this group share a similar structure. The most common and oldest racetam is Piracetam as it was the first discovered, having a long and trusted history. Piracetam, along with Pramiracetam, Oxiracetam, and Aniracetam, all are composed of nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen.This group is known to improve memory, focus, mood, learning abilities, and improve energy levels. Most work with the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine, while others improve the re-uptake of glutamate. Acetylcholine is crucial, as it aids in the signals sent across synapses.Racetams are also known to be neuroprotective. This means that they can increase the rate of cell regrowth, as well as decrease the rate of deterioration. This group of nootropics are common and widely used. If you were too take nootropics in a stack, racetams are generally included.

The facts

An introduction.
Wouldn’t you love it if you could just take a pill and immediately increase your IQ by several points, or be able to instantly learn new languages, study easily for a big test, or concentrate and focus better throughout the day? Nootropics or so-called smart drugs can’t give you a genius IQ just by taking them, but these supplements can actually work to improve memory, focus, concentration, and many other functions of the brain. In turn, learning is easier, your memory is improved, and you can better concentrate and focus.

Many nootropics work like stimulants. These will increase blood and oxygen flow to the brain so it functions better. Some nootropics work as dopamine receptors; these are the “feel good” chemicals that allow you to relax and feel calm and less anxious.
While it might seem contradictory that you would use nootropic drugs as both a stimulant and relaxant, remember that being anxious can interfere with concentration and focus, as anxiety makes you easily distracted by everything around you. Natural nootropics will enhance relaxation and calm so that your body and mind can focus and concentrate.
These natural nootropics can also enhance your sleep and rest cycle. If you don’t sleep properly at night, your brain can’t restore and repair itself so that it struggles to function. Your memory, concentration, and focus can then also suffer because of a lack of sleep.



Understanding the different nootropics.

One common type of smart drug you’ll find is called a racetam, or oxiracetam. These nutrients work to enhance nerve function and the neural pathways. It’s believed that racetams then allow your body’s nervous system to function more optimally, so that it can take in more sensory input and then deliver these efficiently to the brain. In turn, the brain can concentrate and focus on those signals and that input, and act more efficiently when it comes to problem solving and cognition.
Nootropic stacks are smart drugs used in conjunction with each other, each in a certain dosage and in a certain order. These smart drugs are thought to enhance each other’s abilities and function, so that you get the most benefit when you stack them.
A custom nootropic stack is one that is designed for a particular use; for example, you may have problems with memory, or someone in school may need to work on their focus and concentration. Different combinations of nootropic supplements or a nootropic stack meant for these in particular can help. You can even create your own nootropic stack by combining these smart drugs on your own, or using them with fish oil so they can be absorbed more readily by the body.
Noopept is considered one of the best smart drugs because it begins breaking down and having an effect on your brain and central nervous system within minutes. If you need to stay up late and study, or are feeling especially tired but have an important meeting at the office, a smart drug like Noopept, rather than one that takes hours if not days to break down and be absorbed into your system, is the best choice.


Do your homework.
As with all supplements, you want to be very cautious about using smart drugs, even natural nootropics. It’s easy to think that, if a little bit will help you to focus and concentrate, then more will make you even smarter! Nootropic drugs simply don’t work that way, and like many other supplements, they can become toxic or have adverse side effects when overused. The stimulants in a racetam or oxiracetam can help you focus and concentrate, but when overused, can then make you feel jittery and anxious and interfere with your sleep.
You might also carefully consider your use of other stimulants, including caffeine, as well as your use of sleep aids when you take nootropic drugs. Combining smart drugs with a sleep aid can mean too much dopamine inhibitor so that you feel lethargic or even depressed, or sleep too deeply, which can be dangerous.
As with all other supplements, you also want to talk to your doctor about your use of smart drugs, and especially if you’re taking other prescription medications. You also want to ensure you’re minding your health in all other ways; a nootropic stack or even a supplement like Noopept doesn’t mean you can go without sleep and rest, or don’t need to think about focusing while driving. Since many vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients found in nootropics are absorbed into the body through natural oils, be sure you get enough fat in your diet. Opt for healthy fats including olive oil and avocados, and avoid saturated fats such as vegetable oil or butter.