Do you live your dreams?

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The brain is a wonderful yet extremely complex organ. Most nootropic supplements target only some functions.

How does Nubrain Lucid® work?

Can we really get smarter while we sleep? How you feel when you wake up says a lot about both the night you had and the day to come. While Nubrain Lucid cannot claim to increase intelligence, through quality of sleep it does provide the foundation for a day of you at your best – on point, hyper focused, more social and stress free. You may find yourself recalling memories at ease and even consistently producing your best work. †

This is why we developed Nubrain Lucid®

Ever wanted to experience dreams like never before?  
Imagine the best dream you ever had. Now imagine the ability to actually control it. This is the magic of lucid dreaming, the ability to keep your brain healthily alert while sleeping. 
  • Strengthened Brain Functions such as Balance, Focus & Memory †
  • Rest Promotes Health & Longevity/better skin/appearance etc. †
  • Quality Sleep Aids in Fat Loss & Weight Maintenance †
  • Deep Sleep Enhances Mood & Emotional Intelligence †
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lucid packshot transp.png

Transition into the night with your brain activated.

During the initial testing phases of Nubrain Lucid design, one thing stood out above all else - how amazing everybody felt throughout the day - having taken Nubrain Lucid the previous night.
Lucid dreaming takes practice, and not everyone can achieve it but everyone IS capable.
Nubrain Lucid provides you the support to get into a deep sleep and wake up refreshed.
Nubrain Lucid can be used as a stand alone sleep supplement, yet is equally perfect as part of a nootropic stack when combined for round the clock busy lifestyle support.

Quality Sleep May Protect Memories

Fall Asleep Faster 

Longer Quality Sleep Periods

Wake Up Clear Headed

Quality Sleep Boosts Cognitive Function

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Mastering lucid dreaming

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What is it like to have lucid dreams?

Imagine the best dream you ever had. Now imagine the ability to control it.
Lucid dreaming is the ability to consciously observe and/or control your dreams.
It transforms your inner dream world into a living alternate reality - where everything you see, hear, feel, taste and even smell is as authentic as real life.
Lucidity occurs during altered states of consciousness when you realize you are dreaming - and your brain switches into waking mode inside the dream.
A fully lucid dream can be perfectly tangible, rich and visually detailed.
When probed, it can generate seemingly impossible levels of self awareness - such as 360-degree vision, multiple simultaneous dreams, and even visual representations of the fifth dimension.
Because all of this takes place in your mind, the dream world is infinite.
No laws. No boundaries. No limitations. Anything you can conceive of comes true.
You can literally take control of your dream and warp The Matrix like Neo. Fly and soar over cities like Iron Man. Slow down time like the dream levels of Inception. Have sex with celebrities. Fight like a ninja. Re-live childhood memories. Base jump. Survive death.
Nubrain Lucid
Nubrain Lucid

Nubrain Lucid® is the only nootropic sleep aid focused on lucid dreaming.

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The synergistic effect of the dream-team ingredients bring out the maximum effect across the 4 main areas that affect your brain, memory, performance, mindset and your overall functional health. Featuring a family of long-standing traditional herbal Nootropics, Nubrain Lucid® packs a solid foundation of neuro process enhancers that supply the brain and body with the fundamental nutrients and subsequent levels required to optimize cognitive performance. On top of this, Passion Flower and GABA potentiates the Neurocellin® to bring about support for mental alertness, memory and focus.†