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The truth is that most children these days find it hard to concentrate as they are constantly bombarded by a million things everyday, especially now in the digital age. ADHD is a household name now, with 9 out of 10 children showing symptoms of it. It is NOT a disease, it is the result of our lifestyles today.
ADHD is the diagnosis for an array of difficulties, but the common thread that unites them is difficulty in regulating attention—paying the right amount of attention for the appropriate amount of time. In addition, symptoms typically include distractibility, and often impulsivity and/or hyperactivity. 
While many parents resort to prescribed meds such as Ritalin and some even use Adderral, the awareness of the harm caused by these is becoming heightened.  More and more are seeking natural alternatives.
Nubrain Prodigy® Child Genius Series is developed prioritizing the child's wellbeing and needs in his daily routine. A totally natural formula aids the child from 8 years and above to concentrate better and feel more motivated. All this in the form of a delicious and refreshing drink.
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Nubrain Prodigy® helps you get things done, starting with school.
The powerful combination of the world's best nootropic ingredients in addition to the Neurocellin® blend provides a deliciously potent stack.
The effect is felt within 15 minutes after consuming.
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